The AG-1 Assault Rifle was used by the USEC after Dous Novella until it was replaced by the AG-2. The AG-1 is notable for being one of the few weapons used by the USEC that does not have caseless ammo. The USEC prefers to use caseless ammo as it greatly reduces the amount of moving parts in a gun. Additionally a gun using caseless ammo does not have to reject a cartritge after firing, thus eliminating a major opening for dirt and dust to enter the gun. The reason that the AG-1 was designed not to use caseless ammo was due to the costs and time required to produce the ammo. After Dous Novella, the Grand General of the USEC faced the immense logestical problem of supplying and re-arming a massive army during the Great Panic. The problems of supply and manufacturing thus forced the USEC to design a fire-arm that could be cheaply and rapidly made. The AG-1 would be the fruits of the USEC's labour during those difficult times.


Due to the simplistic yet functional design, the AG-1 is an impressively relible weapon. However, many AG-1s manufactured during the Great Panic are of poor quality, and were noted to be highly vulnerable to dust and dirt entering the gun. To combat this problem, the USEC produced cloth covers to help protect the guns, with limited effects.

Modern TimesEdit

While the USEC has largely replaced the AG-1 with the modern AG-2, the AG-1 is still used extensively acrossed the galaxy. Insurgensy groups enjoy the simple design that allows for the guns to be produced in small workshops, and the relibility of the rifles is ideal for guerilla warfare. Many governments under the USEC also use the AG-1 as the USEC sells their surplus weapons at discount prices.

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