The USEC is split into three different, distinct parts. The three different branches or arms of the USEC are:

History and DevelopmentEdit

What we would now recognize as the Civilian Arm of the USEC was first created in 2230 CE, at the foundation of the USEC. One of the orginal aims of the USEC was to design and create the massive Colony Ships that formed humanity's first forley into the stars. However the USEC was also responsible for interplanetary settlement and colonization. The planets Mercury and Venus were first settled by colonists directed by the USEC.

The Military Arm of the USEC was created in 3143 CE, after the conclusion of the Inter-Colony War. Two decades of intense fighting had created a sense of dispair and foreboding at the peace talks. In an effort to prevent another war, the delegates invested full use of the hyperdrive to the USEC, and banned anyother organization or government from using it. The reasoning behind this shocking desicion rested on the fact that the USEC was responsible in the founding of 90% of the delagate's governments and planets. The delagates reasoned that the USEC had ties to almost all of the governments in the Milky Way, and therefore would have a vested interest in keeping the peace. However, the treaty failed to foresee the increasingly heavy hand that the USEC would use in its dealings with governments and colonies alike. Additionally the decsion was highly unpopular with merchants and corperations, who strived at every oppertunity to acquire a hyperdrive or laugh at the USEC's inability to stop them. Faced with increasing ursurpsion of their authority, the USEC was forced to turn its security forces into a para-military, then military force.

After Dous Novella occurred in 3872 CE, the USEC was faced with a momentous task. Trillions upon trillions of documents had to be transfered from the now untrustworthy computers into physical form. At the same time the day-to-day dealings of the USEC still needed to be noted, marked and stored. This truely immense task would lead to the creation of the bureaucratic arm of the USEC. While the civilian and military arms of the USEC had immense bureaucracies (one of the reasons that the Senate was created), they had not been considered a seperate arm of the USEC until after 3872 CE. After that date, the already large bureaucracies swelled even more. In an effort to boost efficenancy, the two seperate bureaucracies were combinded into what would become the bureaucratic arm of the USEC.

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