Beginning in 3125 CE between the (then) Inner Colonies and Outer Colones. The wat lasted for 18 years, culminating in the Aurora-Badenbad Treaty of 3143 CE, which helped to shape the modern USEC.


One of the earliest causes of the Inter-Colony War was the Standoff at Old Sol in 2609 CE, where the Inner Colonies secured their independence from the divided Old Earth through armed agression. While the Standoff at Old Sol took place more than three centuries before the Inter-Colony War, the event would provide a precendent for the agressions of the Inner and Outer Colonies. In 3057 CE the Inner Colonies were becoming increasingly alarmed over the size of the Outer Colonies. In responce, the Civilized Colonies Collection (VBK) was founded, to isolate the Outer Colonies economically and secure the dominance of the Inner Colonies policially. The purpose of the CCC were viewed as an insult by the Outer Colonies, who in 3069 CE created the Political Group of Free Colonies (PGVK) to protect their own interests. The PGVK used many of the same tactics as the CCC, to much greater success. While the PGVK grew increasingly independant and self-sufficient, the CCC became dependant on the Outer Colonies for shipments of food to feed its over-populated planets. Finally, in 3123 CE the CCC and the PGVK entered talks to end their bickering. The talks quickly collapsed as both sides refused to treat the other side as an equal. By 3125 CE war was declared, though small-scale pirating had occured well before 3105 CE.

Sol CampaignEdit

2nd Fleet Counter-ThrustEdit

Ugazu-Normandy FrontEdit

Hector Lestiban OffenciveEdit

Aurora-Badenbad TreatyEdit

By 3123 CE, the war was rapidly turning to another stalemate. While few doubted that the PGVK would eventually prevail, the CCC had deeply entrenched themselves in the few planets that they still controlled, well out of reach of the genius of Hector Lestiban. Conquering the CCC would require massive amounts of men, supplies and morale, all of which were in short supply in the PGVK. On April 2nd, 3123 CE, formal peace talks were conducted, first in Aurora, then in Badenbad. The Aurora-Badenbad Treaty was signed on April 30th, bringing an end to a war that both sides had grown to hate.


The Inter-Colony War would completely change the course of human events. After the war, the USEC would turn from an under-funded humanitarian organization into the controller of space and defender of humanity. The terms of the Aurora-Badenbad Treaty granted the USEC a monopoly over the use of the hyperdrive, in an effort to prevent future wars from reaching the scale of bloodshead of the Inter-Colony War. Ironically, the terms of the treaty would become one of the most important causes of the USEC-Union War.

With the massive depopulation caused by the war, a surge in birthrates was inevitable, and would fuel a massive wave of colonization by the USEC. The sharp increase in the production of raw goods in these colonies would trigger The Great Spiral, destorying the economy of several worlds and indirectly destroying the CCC and PGVK, which were already suffering from a lack of support after the war. However the CCC and PGVK would eventually be resurrected many times, but never with the same power or influnence was their predecessors.

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