The second planet in the Usquesub system.

Small-Arms IndustryEdit

New Dwarin is famous for the size and scope of its small-arms industries. At the start of the Inter-Colony War, New Dwarin provided small-arms to the Inner Colonies, before branching out into heavier pieces, including artillery, machine guns and rocket launchers. When New Dwarin was captured by the First Tallan Fleet, the planet was providing 32% of the weapons for the Inner Colonies' armies. New Dwarin's capture helped to bring an end to the Inter-Colony War, as the lack of arms and equipment for the Inner Colonies made them vunlerable to attack by dropships and infantry.

The small-arms industries on New Dwarin survived the war by producing guns and equipment for the Outer Colonies, their assembly lines run and overseen by workers from the Outer Colonies. After the war most of the companies remained under new management, while others (like Colt's Manufacturing Company) returned to the hands of their previous owners.

Many companies that manufacture firearms have their headquarters on New Dwarin, even if few of those corperations even were founded on the planet. Mustang Industries, Lewis Machine and Tool Company and Impetum et Sacri Industries were all founded on different planets before relocating their headquarters to New Dwarin.

New Dwarin is one of the largest supplier of small-arms for the USEC, not including the equipment that the USEC manufactures for itself.

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