The Bureacucratic Arm of the USEC was founded in 3872 CE to handle the increase in bureaucratic work after Dous Novella. Unlike the Civilian and Military Arms of the USEC, the Bureacucratic Arm is not mentioned in the USEC Founding Document, as its addition to the USEC was never ratified under the terms of the Aurora-Badenbad Treaty. Therefore the Burreaucratic Arm of the USEC is technically seperate from the rest of the USEC


The Great Panic that occurred after Dous Novella caused the USEC to dismantle or disconnect the mainframes that handled the day-to-day runnings of the USEC. Therefore, the USEC needed to replace these mainframes, along with finding a way to extract and record the information on them. Gerlad Muckawa, the Prime Official during Dous Novella, created an seven man comission to investigate alternative ways to run the USEC. Unsurprisingly, the Hugh-Godman Report favoured replacing the outmoded mainframes with a massive, galaxy-spanning bureaucracy. While the report found that creating such a large bureaucracy would be highly expensive and wasteful, it would be the least expensive and wasteful choice.

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