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The Free Wiki that Everyone can Edit, but Not Everything Sticks

While this wiki may be open to the public for anybody to waltz in and add/change stuff, that doesn't mean that everything you add or change will remain. I am the final arbitrator of what is canon and what is not. This is not a democracy, this is (at best) an enlightened dictatorship. If you persist to add information that is not canon, and you have been warned that what you are adding cannot ever be canon, then you will be banned or muted or whatever else I can.

A mere word of warning.

So, What can I Do?

You can add and edit pages on planets, leaders, people, corperations. No important events like the Inter-Colony War or the Second Encounter, but the backstory that makes a universe seem rich and alive.

Comments, critism and advice are always welcome.

I should really update this, shouldn't I?

Yep. Good thing that I have two pages ready for such an occasion.

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